Tips for Painting Your Front Door.

Entry Door Paint Colors

As a painting contactor, we get asked often about the best colors to paint an entry door. So, we comprised these painting tips. These top 10 tips will help you choose the right paint color for your front door.

Work with your Surroundings

You can find inspiration from your home’s natural surroundings if you aren’t sure where to begin when choosing a paint color for your front door. Natural earth tones can add a striking curb appeal, while still fitting in with the home’s surroundings.

You can also use the natural light around your front door to help you choose the right paint color. A brighter or lighter color will make a statement against a dark porch. A darker color is best for entryways that have lots of light.

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When choosing a color for your front door, you should also consider the structure of your home and its exterior design. The style of your home will dictate the colors that you choose for its front door. A traditional home will look best with a dark, rich, classic color while a modern home can be decorated in a more imaginative way.

Choose a color for your front door that matches the style and coloring of your garage doors. You can make your front door stand out by choosing a different color to add visual appeal and keep the colors from clashing. A bold color for your front door can be a great choice if your house is neutral.

If the door surrounds are dark, it is best to choose a lighter color for your front door. You don’t have to be boring. If you feel that your house should reflect your personality, then use your favorite color and signature style.


The exterior color of your front door will reflect the color inside, so it is a good idea to pick the color outside. You can see the effects of natural light by looking at paint samples outside. You may be influenced by the interior lighting and natural light. It is worth going outside to see what colors look like.

Tape some samples of paint to your front door to help you feel more confident about your choice. This will enable you to view the colors under different lighting conditions. You can also paint small patches of color on your doors to get a more exact look.

Orange Front Door Paint
Vivid colors can add a punch to your curb appeal.


A neutral color for your entry doors, such as gray, brown, or black is a good choice. These are timeless colors that will last a lifetime. These colors are timeless front door colors, even deep reds and navy blues.


You can stain your front doors if you prefer a minimalist look. If you have a wooden door, a wood stain will show off its natural grain or material.


Monochromatic colors are best for smaller homes. A monochromatic color scheme will visually make your house appear bigger than it actually is by painting your front door, exterior trim, and window frames all the same color. Monochromatic colors are a great backdrop to accessories, and allow you to add accents of color to highlight architectural details.

White entry door paint. Painting contractor in Plano Texas
Monochrome doors allow color accents.


It might seem intimidating to paint your front door a bright, bold color. However, it is much easier than painting the entire house or one room in that shade. You don’t have to be afraid of trying new colors, so experiment a little. Color can be fun and sophisticated way to make a statement.


Even people who have never studied design or art will be familiar with the color wheel. This is a useful reference that shows the relationships between different colors and organizes them into a circle with primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. The color wheel will help you determine which colors are complementary and which ones clash.


Before you compare the color wheel to your exterior colors, think about whether or not you prefer a monochromatic scheme. You can mix and match colors to create a variety of shades. You can create a striking contrast by choosing a door color that is opposite the main color of your house on the color wheel.


Your front door trim can also be painted. You should not paint your trim and door the same color. You can use trim to add a beautiful accent color to your exterior.


White is a reliable and popular trim color. However, a contrasting color can really make your front door stand out. Warm tones of brown can add warmth to a cold-colored front door. Dark-colored trims can help prevent a light-colored front entrance from becoming too faded. A lighter-toned trim, on the other hand can bring brightness to a dark-colored front door.

Gray Front Door. Exterior house painter
White trim is the base for most exterior doors.


Consider painting or buying a new storm door or screen door frame to add color and interest. Even if your front door is a neutral color, your frame can add some flair to your home’s exterior. You can add some color to your screen door by choosing an accent color.


To avoid future peeling or fading, paint your door with the right kind of paint. A paint that has built-in protection against rust could be a good choice for a steel door. Latex exterior paints are weather-resistant and can be used in a variety of conditions.

No matter what type of paint you choose, you must first coat your front door with exterior primer. You can then choose the finish you prefer, such as matte, semi-gloss or glossy. A high-gloss finish is best for front doors that are not very high quality. Semi-gloss paint is more flexible and will conceal your front door’s imperfections.


These tips will help get the right color for your entry door. As painters we see a lot of different colors used on entry doors. Follow these tips and you won’t go with the wrong color. If you need any exterior painting done on your home in Dallas, Plano or McKinney areas, give us a call. 

Vivid bright colored front door.
Even Easter egg colors make a statement.

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