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Blue Cabinet Trends in Plano, Texas

You know that blue is one of the colors which is very frequently used in the designing of a kitchen. 

SO! What is the Best Blue Color for Kitchen Cabinets? 

It would be a very big question if we ask what are the best colors to use for painting kitchen cabinets, because there are unlimited choices. The choices of the best blue colors will depend on your personal taste and preferences. Living with your favorite color paint will make you happier when you’re at home.

We are starting to see a lot of dark blue or navy blue in kitchen cabinets. It’s not that surprising, since light blue is the most popular color in bathroom vanities. Why is this color so popular for bathrooms and kitchens? Let’s look at some reasons.

We have put together for you our best colors for kitchen cabinetry based on the popular and trending blue colors.

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Light Blue Cabinets

What is the best blue color for kitchen cabinets? Most often, kitchens with light blue cabinets are paired with light hardwood floors and dark countertops.  But it doesn’t have to stop there. Light colored kitchen cabinets paired with a marble backsplash or peninsula can also be stunning in the kitchen.

Light blue kitchen cabinets are appealing. Especially if you like to emphasize your sense of style. Light blue paint makes a strong visual statement in small kitchens. Light blues can look elegant combined with traditional kitchen designs and coordinates well with darker blues and white.

Light blue reflects a clean, refreshing and peaceful environment especially in small kitchens. It is considered as one of the most soothing hues which eases stress and worries. The proper use of light blue can help project these qualities in your kitchen and this is why it has become the popular choice for kitchen cabinets and vanities alike.

We see quite a few customers around Dallas, McKinney and other locations using light blues on everything from cabinets to book cases. It sure feels light and airy, with light blues.


Some light blue colors to help you pick the right color.

  • Sherwin Williams SW 6238 Icicle
  • Sherwin Williams SW 6968 Hyacinth Tint
  • Sherwin Williams SW 6527 Blissful Blue
  • Benjamin Moore Tranquil Blue 2051-50
  • Benjamin Moore Blue Wave 2065-50

Some say light blue cabinets are the best choice for a kitchen. What do you think? Is there another color that suits your fancy more?


Maybe, medium blue?

Medium Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Medium blue cabinets are widely accepted in modern homes and is widely known to enhance the comfort of living spaces. There are stunning kitchen cabinets that are available in medium blue which works great with a neutral look or bold color scheme. This particular style of kitchen cabinet painting has been winning favor from customers for years.


It’s a versatile color that’s great for adding a bit of pop to your kitchen or bathroom. Medium blue isn’t too bright or too subdued, making it an excellent choice for adding some subtle texture to a mostly white home. Mixing medium blue with other colors can create interesting effects. Or use it as a base for creating a more abstract effect.


Some shades of medium blue for inspiration.

  • Sherwin Williams SW 6529 Scanda
  • Sherwin Williams SW 6530 Revel Blue
  • Sherwin Williams SW 7607 Santorini Blue
  • Benjamin Moore Blue Nova 825
  • Benjamin Moore Blue Heron CC-840
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Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Have you ever wanted to paint your kitchen but you don’t know what color to choose? Making the right choice can be challenging, because everybody tells you a different one. Actually, most of them will tell you that it depends on whatever is your dominant color in the kitchen. Whereas if you have white cabinets, oops, here comes the dark blue!…

What is the best blue color for kitchen cabinets? The one that will make your kitchen look gorgeous, modern and expensive.

If you’re planning on using mostly dark fixtures, you’ll also want to balance them out with white or light hardware in order to keep the space from getting overly dark. 


Last Year Sherwin Williams Color of the year was Naval SW 6244. For good reason, it is a beautiful paint color for everything including vanities and cabinets. 


Other dark blue cabinet colors:

  • Benjamin Moore CHEATING HEART 1617
  • Benjamin Moore HALE NAVY HC-154
  • Benjamin Moore NEWBURYPORT BLUE HC-155
  • Sherwin Williams CYBERSPACE SW 7076
  • Sherwin Williams SEA SERPENT SW 7615


A dark blue color in the kitchen is easily matched with cream and creates a sense of unity. The subdued color serves to separate the space from the rest of the house and gives a sense of stability. It also makes the work of preparing a meal easier, since you aren’t distracted. Darker shades of blue are often used because they work well with black and white interiors.

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Paint companies will tell you that lighter shades of blue are the best color for your kitchen cabinets. Homes with blue kitchen cabinets sell faster and for more money than other colored cabinets.

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? You need to think about choosing the right kitchen cabinet colors, especially if you want it to turn out better. Kitchen cabinets set the tone for kitchens. If you love the feel of your kitchen, you are merely a few moves away from making it happen.

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