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Cabinet Refinishing Costs Plano TX

Popular websites offering free price quotes for cabinet painting seem to be scattered around the map at best and inaccurate at worst. For many Plano, Texas cabinet painting jobs the lower end of this range would barely cover the cost of a quality paint, primer or needed materials.

Angi’s price target is narrower, between $1,662 and $3,782. With all the information on the internet it is easy to see how Plano, Texas homeowners can get confused by pricing.

What you really want to know, is how much will it cost to paint my cabinets? Well, before I jump into the cost, I want to give you a little background on the different elements that go into painting your cabinets.

The biggest expense in painting cabinets is not actually the paint. As a painting contractor, I can tell you that the materials don’t even make up 20% of the project’s cost. So, you are better off buying the best products to do this project.

Painting cabinets has become the hottest thing in interior painting. There is no better way to update your kitchen, than by painting your cabinets.

Here are FIVE main factors that make a difference in a cabinet painting costs.

  1. Number of cabinet doors

  2. Number of drawers

  3. Linear feet of paintable cabinets

  4. Type of wood cabinets are made of.

  5. Experience level of the painting contractor

Cabinet Door painting contractor

Cabinet Painting Pricing Details

Some contractors charge the same amount “per piece”.  Meaning they don’t differentiate between door or drawers.  We do at Paint Ovations because doors take longer than drawers. They are bigger and require more prep-work. 

Linear feet of boxes can be subjective, but it will include the interior of any cabinets that need to be painted as well. This is important if you have any glass doors, we would paint the interior of those cabinets.

Type of wood matters to us, because there is a unique process for open grain cabinets such as oak vs. closed grain like maple or cherry. Also, if you have a dark stained cabinet, they will sometimes require an additional coat of stain-blocking primer.

The next factor on cabinet painting cost, the cabinet painter’s experience level, and their processes determine how everything will be painted.

  • Hand-painted?
  • Sprayed?
  • And where will all of this happen?

Some painting contractors have a shop where they can take the cabinet doors to paint. Others will create a work area in either your garage or kitchen.

The biggest factor in painting cabinets is experience level. Most homeowners believe that just because a painter owns a brush and some tools, that they are capable of any type of painting project. This is not the case when it comes to cabinet painting. 

Cabinet Painting Cost Statistics

The average price to paint cabinets in the US: $4,909.78

Most expensive state/price: Washington/$8,361.57

Least expensive state/price: Illinois (southern/rural)/$3135.00

Highest price in US: $10,310/Seattle, Washington

Average price in California: $5,792.86

Average price in Texas: $3,642.00

Our Average Kitchen Cabinet Painting Price here in Plano, Texas ranges from: $2,200 to $4,900. Again, experience (Quality) and type of cabinet are factors.


Cabinet painting is a great way to renovate your kitchen at a cost far less than a kitchen remodel. Sometimes the only thing wrong with your kitchen is the color of the cabinets. We can solve that.

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