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As of June 1st, 2018 Paint Ovations has over 160 Angie’s List A plus reviews.  Below is a sampling of those reviews.

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Review Counter update as of 8-7-2019
(230+) Five Star reviews on Facebook, Google and Angie’s List Combined.
Thanks to all of our customers for the opportunity to earn this many reviews.

Sam Darcy

4 days ago

I used Ron for painting the exterior of my home in Richardson . His crew was thorough and did a very fine job. Ron uses high quality SW paint. For my property they used SW Duration which is among the top rated paints. And for those of us who want to make a difference, Ron employs hearing impaired individuals. So by using Ron’s services, in addition to getting a quality job, you also let such individuals be gainfully employed. I plan to use Ron when it is time to re-do the interior paint of my house

6 days ago

We purchased a 3300 square ft. house that still had all the original paint in it. Everything – the walls, the cabinets, trim, and ceiling were very dark colors. My style is light and bright (Joanna Gaines is my inspiration), so pretty much the entire interior needed to be repainted. I received two different quotes and ultimately went with Paint Ovations even though Ron’s quote came in higher than the other. We went with Ron because we were impressed by his professionalism and knowledge.

We figured we were spending so much money anyway that we’d rather have the job done right than save a few dollars. And we are extremely cost-conscious people so that tells you a lot about the impression Ron made on me. Two things about Ron’s work stand out that I’d like to highlight: (1) He was willing to work on our tight renovation timeline and had his crew working at night and on the weekends to ensure the job got done. We only had 25 days in between closing on the house and move in day.

During that time period, we were also having tile removed and hard wood floors put in. Unlike some other contractors I received quotes from, Ron said it was no problem to work around the other contractors who were doing various projects at the same time. Ron and the flooring contractor helped me map out the timeline for the project, and I’m happy to say all of the renovations were finished in time for move-in and looked great. (2) After we moved in, Ron came back free of charge and touched up some things it would have been very difficult for us to do on our own. For instance, the movers put a huge gash in a newly painted door bringing my daughter’s crib into her room. There’s nothing like paying for a fresh paint job and watching someone carelessly wreck it!

Also, he touched up the paint from my husband removing the old thermostats in the home and installing Nest thermostats. The walls had to be retexturized to make everything blend in, so it was not a simple process. We offered to pay Ron for his work since neither issue was his fault, but he said he was happy to do it since we had already paid him for such a large project.

We really appreciated that level of service. So in summary, if you have a big project, need someone who’s very professional and knowledgable (not just some one with a paint brush and some time on their hands), a tight timeline, and some one dedicated to ensuring his customer is happy, then I strongly recommend Ron and Paint Ovations. Below is a before and after of our kitchen. The after photo is just from my iPhone so not great quality and we are still unpacking. The transformation is much more impressive in person.

Nicole Eckl

4 weeks ago

We had Ron and team paint our new built in cabinets, office and nursery while we were on vacation. As we didn’t want to be around the paint fumes. They did an excellent job of prep and clean up. Their attention to detail is remarkable. Highly recommend!

  • Ron, Matt and their crew were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Ron came out and bid the job and had Matt and his crew there the next day prepping and painting. Their attention to detail was incredible. Finished the job quick and even took care of issues that were not in the original bid.   –Joe Miller
  • Paint master bedroom

    This is my third time hiring Ron with Paint Ovations and I will definitely choose him again for my next project. I happen to be a difficult, type A client unfortunately, but his work exceeds my expectations every time.

  • Ron and crew did a great job painting our house. There was a lot of wood that needed to be
    replaced/repaired and they did the sometimes difficult woodwork right. Between that and
    the painting it looks like new.

  • Ron was prompt and conscientious. The job looks amazing and professionally finished.
    Couldn’t have asked for anything more.

  • wonderful great door frame replacement on front door and garage doors look like when house was new paint job was so neat and edges perfect I intend tp use Ron again for indoor painting everything was cleaned up and so well done he used Emerald Sherwin Williams top paint such a good job

  • This is the second time that I have hired Paint Ovations! The first time was a total painting of the interior of a house we had just purchased. Paint Ovations did such a fabulous job that I hired them again to paint and stain a Gazebo being built in our backyard. They did an amazing job of staining the cedar posts and roof. Then they painted a 36 inch high brick wall around the gazebo to match the paint on the exterior of our house done approx. a year ago. Perfect job and perfect match!! I would not hesitate to hire them again and I absolutely would refer them to anyone needing painting to be done. They are very honest, professional, reliable, meticulous and pleasant to deal with!! They always kept a clean and tidy work site which, to me, makes them exceptional!!

  • Ron and his crew did an OUTSTANDING job! He went out of his way to locate a piece of (hard to find) wood paneling that had rotted, so that it would match the rest of the existing paneling. All areas needing wood replacement, Ron and his crew repaired….and repaired correctly. Ron stayed with the crew throughout the job to ensure the job went correctly. Hands down, Ron is the best painter in all of the DFW area.

  • Ron and his crew did an outstanding job on my house. He’s the best in the industry hands down and I HIGHLY recommend him. He went out of his way to locate rotted wood paneling to match the existing paneling. After an extensive search, he found it and the job turned out fantastic. Can’t express how confident I am in telling you that he’s the best around. Tom P

  • Good experience



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