Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Popcorn ceiling was a popular choice for home decoration for many years, offering homeowners a solution that hides imperfections without sacrificing quality acoustics. But now, a popcorn ceiling can make a room look date, and removing it has become a concern for many looking to update their homes.

This is particularly the case for homeowners trying to sell their homes in an increasingly competitive market, as well as those who have just purchased a fixer-upper and are looking to make it their own.

A popcorn ceiling can be difficult to clean and maintain. The texture easily accumulates dust and cobwebs, which is problematic in homes with high ceilings that are difficult to reach.

This is why many homeowners opt for popcorn ceiling removal services in order to achieve a cleaner, more modern finish for their home ceilings.

Paint Ovations, offers this service with all of the experience and attention to detail our customers have come to expect.

Popcorn and textured Ceiling Removal Services in Plano, Texas.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

The complexity of the job makes it a difficult task to undertake without professional help, which is where Paint Ovations comes in. Our team have extensive experience in this kind of project and can deliver perfect results quickly and efficiently. This could even include painting the ceiling a new color.

  • Cover Walls & Floor:  Covering the walls and flooring with heavy duty plastic sheets.
  • Prep Ceiling:  Spraying the surface with small amounts of water so that the popcorn ceiling easily scrapes away.
  • Removal: We us special tools in order to assure we keep the mess to minimum.
  • Skim Coat: Skim coating any damaged areas prior to sanding to ensure a smooth, properly prepared surface for painting.
  • Paint Ceiling: Application of a fresh coat of paint primer followed by the paint color of your choice.

Why Hire a Contractor to Remove My Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceiling removal is an involved and messy process, requiring special tools for scraping, sanding, and vacuuming the dust that accumulates on the ground.

It can be time-consuming, depending on the height and square footage of the ceiling, as well as on how intricate the popcorn pattern is.

If popcorn ceiling removal services are required in a furnished room, all the furnishings will have to be removed or protected, making the process even more labor intensive.

Save yourself time, money and unwanted headaches and have Paint Ovations perform the work in removing your textured ceiling.

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